Somayag 2017 Preparation Starts

Dear Fellow International Agnihotris and Friends of Somayag,

Today in Maheshwar Goshala the Somayag Committee have come together to organize the calender for all preparation work required before the beginning of this most auspicious Somayag, the last of the seven Maha Somayags which were inspired by our beloved Shree Vasant.

Many of you have participated in previous Somayags. For the next three months, we have organized a program of work to be carried out in preparation for this great occasion.
Our wish is that despite limitations on the numbers of local and international visitors who can be accommodated here in the Goshala itself, everyone should be able to experience this auspicious and blessed culmination of the preceding six Mahayajynas which have already been completed on this sacred land.
We are requesting help in raising the necessary funds to cover the main costs involved both in preparations and also those costs involved in actually organizing and carrying out such an event so all are happy. Costs include repairs, painting, upgrading certain facilities, replanting the organic food garden, and completing all the details which need attention to ensure comfort and ease during your time spent here.
Any amount will be helpful and funds are required as soon as possible so the work can begin.

If you can assist please follow the relevant link below. (Monies raised in USA can be sent direct to Fivefold Path, Inc., USA.)

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