Somayag 2017 – Preparations

Dr. Ulrich Berk and Achal Apte preparing the Kundas for the Somayag; the "Tapovan and Maheshwar boys" as they are affectionately called. Under the guidance of Sanjay Patil, Anne Godfrey, Aaron Kidd, Prem Jogi and Sarvajit, they made Maheshwar shine.    They renovated, painted, modeled, reconstructed, improved, renewed, washed, cleaned, … the buildings and land. They turned into electricians, plumbers, builders, painters, landscapers, farmers, etc.
              If we talk about service, they are the teachers.

Goshala (cow refuge);

With a smile they brought buckets of hot water for showers, heated in big pots on firewood,  to the rooms long before dawn!
       Please receive everyone’s Gratitude, Love and Respect!

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