Somayag 2017 – Extra Activities

   At the suggestion of Anne Godfrey, during the Somayag, the ‘Women’s Healing Circle’ was formed where we gathered to celebrate life, sing, pray, ask for the presence and assistance of the Masters, Angels, Devas and where we committed ourselves to see, speak, feel, express and BE love, every day!

        We sang with Maria Broom from Baltimore, USA and with Maria Estela Lobos from Talca, Chile. We heard songs from a Russian choir of angels and bhajans from India. It was wonderful!

        We also enjoyed Therapeutic Yoga classes and Yoga Nidra with the experienced instructors Abel and Christa Mena.

      There were also workshops on "Communication" with Henry and Janette Gregory from Baltimore, on "Eco-villages and their Challenges" with Jarek and Parvati Bizberg from Poland and "Preparation of Homa Medicines" with pharmacist Monika Koch from Germany.

   The 24-hour Tryambakam Homa was maintained during the days of the Somayag. Another joyful event was when the participants represented their country or continent with a song.
Music has no limitations of language, it can be heard with the heart.

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