Somayag 2017 – 2nd Day

          "Vedas are the source of all knowledge. Vedas gift us the science of Yajnya (Bio-energy) which has the power to heal much of the horrific effects of man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man and towards Nature, which is now reeling from poisons, pollution, violence and violation of every kind."

      "The Pravargya ritual is an integral component of the Somayag and takes place several times.
    In the process of Pravargya fresh cow-ghee is poured into the Mahavir pot (three-partitioned earthen pot created through a specific process) and boiled on fire.
      Simultaneously, Rigveda, Samveda and Yajurveda mantras are chanted in deep solemn voice till the cow-ghee reaches its boiling point.

Boiling point is observed through timely chanting of mantras. All aspects of the mantras are very strictly observed, including the lengthened syllable ‘Om’ at the end of every mantra.

      When the ghee has reached its boiling point, fresh milk is taken from a cow and a goat at the Yajnya place and oblation of cow-milk/goat-milk is given to the boiling cow-ghee. Instantly, with very great intensity, the flame shoots up into the atmosphere about 10 meters."
   Photo series above: Pravargya Fire. To the right Mahavir pot filled with ghee at the point of boiling.
Photos below: sunrise and sunset Agnihotra is practiced daily in the Somayag shala.

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