Somayag 2017 – 6th Day

On the path to the bank of the sacred Narmada river everyone was filled with joy, there was music and dancing. Sarvajit Paranjpe gave a short talk and thanked the priests and all present for culminating this planetary healing event successfully.

Photos of this page: On the banks of the river Nármada, where the Rutvijas delivered and submerged into the holy waters all the instruments and utensils, which had been charged with the powerful energy of the Somayag. People then took a bath and also received the blessings of Mother Narmada.
This is how the 7th Somayag was fulfilled!
From the Orion Transmissions:
"We have renewed the intention of this Somayag. And it has been a successful Somayag, with greater effects on the planet than can be seen or heard. Power is generated from this site and Sound has begun to reverberate through the earth, air, fire, water and ethers."

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