Somayag 2017 – Arrival of Fire

          "The ancient science of bio-energy given through the Vedas describes certain energy processes which have the power to effect a change in the functioning of PRANA (life-force which pulsates through us and connects us with the cosmos). These energy processes come under the category of YAJNYA. Somayag is one such Yajnya.
         The beneficial effect of each Somayag lasts for several decades. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease-free. Somayags yield a qualitative and quantitative improvement in the psyche. By using this Supertechnology we can eradicate pollution factors on a large scale."

On February 6, the Yajaman Dikshit Achal Apte arrived with his wife Bhakti and his son Sudaksha of 4 years of age, bringing the energy of the Tretagni Fire, which is being practiced in their home since generations.

They were welcomed by the family of Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe:

Mother Kusum, Abhay, Anjali, and their sons Shrikant and Saravajit, who lives with his wife Asmitha and daughter Ishwari on the Maheshwar campus. They also received the appreciation of the Somayag Committee represented by Dr. Ulrich Berk, Karin Heschl and Anne Godfrey and all the visitors present from the 5 continents, who had arrived for this extraordinary planetary healing event.

Photos show the arrival and welcome of the Yajaman family and the creation of Agni.
Vedas state that Agni tattva (source of fire) is present in Ashwatth (peepal) tree (Ficus religiosa) and Agni is created from two pieces of Ashwatth tree by friction. For Somayag, we need pure fire energy, which is created through a special process."

   This day ended in the Yajnyashala with many Agnihotras. "AGNIHOTRA, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset is the basic YAJNYA which any person can perform with only a Little effort. Agnihotra is to be performed at sunrise and sunset to keep the Nature’s cycles in harmony."(photos above)
       From here onward, we are enjoying the photos of a professional – Girish Patil (right), who kindly offered his sight of the Somayag. Thank you Girish!

        As far as it is known, never in history this series of 7 Somayags was performed at one place. It is also very unusual that a Westerner, in this case Dr. Ulrich Berk (photo left), could sit inside the Somayag area, which is part of breaking a tradition, which is not based on Vedic Knowledge.

Photos: Wooden instruments used during the Somayag.

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