Vajapeya Somayag 2012 – Final Update

Please read! Orion on Vajapeya Somayag

your participation in the

Dear All,

Even if not present physically, your participation is warmly invited in order to amplify the positive energy boost created through the Somayag process.

Orion recommends all who are aware of this Somayag tune in with your spirit, add your highest vision and intentions for the welfare of the planet and all beings  for the duration of the Somayag from November 24  -December 10. 

From Orion:

November 3, 2012
On Vajapeya Somayag in Maheshwar 2012

Yes, yes,
yes. All the dramas leading up to this year’s Vajapeya Somayag will be resolved. Because this Somayag is the main one for resetting the planet’s axis, thus preventing the destructive elements from succeeding in their fast-moving track, effort on the part of human beings is essential. Just ‘attending’ is not enough. If there is some way in which beings attending and those who are not able to attend who will still benefit from its performance could help, the effort required to manifest it will be fulfilled. So, though money is essential and donations heartily welcome, this effort need be on various levels.

This Vajapeya Somayag is far-reaching, even to invite interaction between planetary Light sources. Nothing negative will manifest. There can only manifest LIGHT, Light, and more Light. It is vital to be able to listen to the sound which will be generated there.

This Somayag will seed the atmosphere, which will extend far beyond the borders and boundaries of this planet’s solar system. One cannot comprehend the importance of this particular Somayag at this particular time, in 2012. The Somayag this year is the one to attend!

Dear ones, we implore you be aware… this event is in conjunction with planetary alignments which are due for planet Earth.

There is a period of time prior to such alignment that is crucial to this planet’s survival into the future. Though we do not foresee doomsday, as predictions warn, we are quite aware of the energies being stirred up. We are part of the effort to restore the energy balance of this planet. We are moving ahead with great determination, a human word which matches well our will and our way.

Foreseen for this planet is a new world, according to the balance of Earth, Sun, Moon and stars.

It is that which can and will be achieved, despite the negative, dark energies being foisted upon you by forces outside yourselves! There is an element of darkness which needs to lift in order for Light to prevail.

This Somayag
is an effort by a few to establish balance and harmonic interchange for many.

Blessings to all involved. Continue your efforts. Do not become disheartened. This will be a sacred time, during which miracles will occur. OM.

November 4, 2012 On
Planetary Alignment and Earth

Yes, yes. The Earth is entering a critical stage, during which planetary alignment actually readies the Earth for its greatest role. As we have told on numerous occasions, planet Earth is the record-keeper. Thus, all ancient and present beings working in the supreme network of the Light are now in line to serve, to protect and defend this great planet.

The Light is far greater than the darkness. It is aligned with the Highest Source in the universe.

Light is
also aligned with all great Saints, Masters, Avatars, Divine Immortal Beings who exist even today and who dwell in their Light bodies at sacred sites all around
the globe. Far greater resources are at hand, which go beyond your political races and beyond borders, all borders.

Now is the time you all must align yourselves with the Divine Source, however it manifests in your lives. Whether you believe in Jesus or Mohammed, in Krishna, in Buddha or any other great Divine incarnation—put your heart into it now. Employ all means to fine-tune your instrument and to follow your path of SERVICE.

This is a holy time. Despite all that the darkness brings to assail us, rise higher. Do not be deterred. Remain strong and be one-pointed. These are the times.

Blessings upon all who walk in Light.


With victory for the Light, we are,


Donations of any amount still welcomed!!!

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What is Somayag?

The ancient science of bio-energy given through Vedas describes certain energy processes which have the power to effect a change in the functioning of PRANA (life-force which pulsates through us and connects us with the cosmos). These energy processes come under the category of YAJNYA. Somayag is one such Yajnya.


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