Update – July 2012

Progress report on preparations for Somayag 2012, Maheshwar Goshala include the following areas. See photo gallery…
Work has been started on the following areas 2 and a half months ago.

1. Preparations for the middle floor kitchen area include final planning of the layout after discussions and costing estimates with Suwindi, Anne and Mr Ranade, the engineer.
2. Preparations for ground floor kitchen and washing-up area include final design lay-out decisions and initial implementation of these decisions.
3. Storage area located on lower level including, storage for mattresses, doonas, bed-linen, cold storage for food items, seed-storage area.

4. Landscaping area which will provide seating for approximately 250 people in the immediate area surrounding the new kitchen complex.

5. Yajyna Shala half wall to protect the space enclosed.

6. Some vegetable/herb plantation has begun and some papaya plantation also for this year, some lemon trees and other fruit-trees which will not bear fruit this year but in the future have been planted.
7. A nursery has been established for providing the new plants necessary for final planting to enhance the newly landscaped kitchen area and surrounds. We have only a small team working regularly towards completing many tasks.


1. Some quite severe storm damage a month ago, has left two rooms without roofs and one of the Pandits’ rooms needing retiling. Some damage suffered by the Reverse Osmosis water filter systems also needs repairing.
2. Electric fittings and plumbing pipes, etc need constant attention as we work.
3. Garden is extensively overgrown as there has been a longer gap between the Somayags so enormous amount of pruning and cutting of thorny bushes is necessary and has been started.
4. Painting the whole place was not done last Somayag but will need doing again this year.

This short report does not cover the many other areas which require more financial input and people power to complete them by late October/early November. Please see the invitation.

Please keep the donations and fundraising efforts flowing so we can achieve a beautiful, functional centre this year which will provide the foundation of a stress-free time for all who attend this greatest of all Somayags this year at Maheshwar Goshala.