AVATAR means descent of Almighty Father in Human form.‭ ‬KALKA in Sanskrit means pollution.‭ ‬Hence Kalki Avatar means Avatar for destruction of pollution.‭ ‬Kalki Avatar,‭ ‬Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot,‭ ‬India resuscitated the ancient Vedic science of atmospheric purification (YAJNYA) in its pure form and showed in modern times how Yajnyas can bring Peace,‭ ‬Bliss and Prosperity on Earth.‭

SADGURU means PERFECT MASTER. PARAMA SADGURU means highest among the PERFECT MASTERS. Before a great Divine Incarnation graces our planet by manifestation, the parents are informed by some instrument of Divine Will. Similarly, at the time of birth, intimation is given. Again, at a later date, the same thing is announced.

Four years prior to the birth of Parama Sadguru, a great Yogi informed the mother that she would “give birth to the Light of the world”. The “Son of Man” was born four years later. Similar intimations were given at the time of birth. The same thing was also announced at a later date.

On Christmas day, 25th December 1941, the allotted task of the Son of Man was revealed by the Will of the Almighty Father. He was further informed that the time for unfoldment was yet to be. It is interesting to note that in the revelation the words used by the Divine were “Son of Man”.

Sonamata, the mother of the “Son of Man,” was a great Yogini. Yogini is the feminine form of Yogi. The father, Swami Shivananda, was a great Nada Brahma Yogi. Nada Brahma means the “Word that was in the beginning, which was with God, which was God and by which everything was made that was made”.

Along with Creation, Almighty Father gave the first revelation, i.e. the Vedas. All incarnations, all Divine Messengers come to reiterate the message of the Fivefold Path given through the first revelation. The Messengers lay stress on certain aspects of the message in view of the conditions in which they manifest.

Parama Sadguru has stated that Self Realization, Liberation, comes only through total surrender to the Almighty. All spiritual practice should lead us to this goal. Surrender implies an egoless state. The highest attainment of human existence is “Not my will but Thy will be done”. This is the end of all Yoga.

On 21st September, 1944 Parama Sadguru took the most potent vow:

“I will resuscitate the Vedas.”‬

Again on 27th September, 1944 (Dassera according to the Hindu calendar) He repeated the vow at the feet of His Master, Lord Parshuram, the Eternal Avatar.

Parama Sadguru once said, “Whatever Almighty has willed to be done through our instrument shall be done. Our whole life is totally dedicated to Him. He who revealed to us our allotted task shall grant us the necessary strength to fulfill it.

“It is not for us to advise people to follow any particular individual.

“If it is the will of the Almighty to convey to the world any message through us He will do so. We are merely his slaves.

“We are not votaries of any religious denomination. Whether it is the Bible or the Quran or the doctrines of Hindus we will convey the message with equal yearning.

“We have asked people not to call us GURU. Many have imposed Guru-hood on us. Many have experienced super-human powers with us. Many have witnessed miracles. We are mere witness of, not the doers of these things.

“We surrendered totally to the Almighty and He started utilizing our body as His instrument. Each one has to tread his path of Self-realization.”

There are several sciences given through Vedas.‭ ‬Also Vedas prescribe a path to make your life on earth an endeavour of joy.‭ ‬This path is now presented as Fivefold Path.