Fivefold Path

There are several sciences given through Vedas.‭ ‬Also Vedas prescribe a path to make your life on earth an endeavour of joy.‭ ‬This path is now presented as Fivefold Path.

  • Perform Agnihotra for purification of the atmosphere.
  • Practise Daan for inculcating non-attachment to material possessions.
  • Practise Tapa for fruition of thy affirmations.
  • Practise Karma for self-purification.
  • Practise Swádhyáya for liberation.

This is the Fivefold Path. Let us start the spiritual discipline today. The span of life will not be extended. What is given unto us is to utilize wisely every moment of our existence. Let us engage ourselves in meritorious deeds without expectation of reward in the form of name or fame. We can live only in the present moment. The past is no more. The future is yet to be. Let us not waste the precious moments in trivia.

Practice the Fivefold Path and you become a better member of your family or community. You will become a more righteous Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Jain, whatever be your formal religious label. You may be an atheist or an agnostic, you will benefit by practising the Fivefold Path. The Fivefold Path sets up life patterns based on bio-psychological techniques given through Vedic knowledge. You need not carry the hypothesis of God to practice the Fivefold Path. You start the practice and knowledge will be unfolded to you from within. Believe only what you experience. This is the approach of a true scientist.

All aspects of Fivefold Path will apply to daily life or are integrated as a whole. Proper practice of these simple principles in daily life leads to a better understanding of others as well as ourselves. It enhances our own quest for truth and brings us closer to the state of Love of which all of us are in need.

Truth does not come. It is always there. We simply cleanse our minds and clarify this thinking process which so often inhibits our growth and development. Now all that is required is that Love without attachment. If you can be full of love without making any effort then you are a very special human being. For those who need to make an effort Fivefold Path is offered free and for all people. We, all of us, are one. In our own individual search for Truth, for love, for happiness, let us not forget we are one.