Eternal Principles of Religion were given to us at the time of Creation through the First Revelation, Vedas. Whenever there are large-scale transgressions, either due to sins of omission, i.e. non-performance of ordained duties, or sins of commission, i.e. wrong performance, terrific resultant Karma takes place. To set right the cosmic cycle, special Divine Incarnations, Divine Messengers, grace our planet by manifestations in human garb. This is beyond intellectual reason but can be experienced when intellect is transformed into higher intuition as a result of purification. It is Almighty’s plan that the Divine Incarnations (AVATARS) manifest in human form to set things right.

The Incarnations are graded into four as “POORNAVATAR”, “AMSHAVATAR”, “KALAVATAR”, and “VIKALAVATAR” and each one has a specific allotted task to perform on the planet. When the time is over, the Avatar leaves the mortal coil. There is a Divine hierarchy which rules over Creation. Creation embraces billions of Universes not yet known to science.

All incarnations come to uphold the Eternal Principles of Religion given through the First Revelation, Vedas. The Fivefold Path is the basis of the message of all Divine Incarnations. The Incarnations stress that part of the message which needs emphasis in the conditions in which they manifest.

People quarrel in the name of religion, denomination and sect. This is because of ignorance and vested interest. Reality dawns only when you divest yourself of vested interest.

No country, no people, no person can claim a monopoly of Truth. It is the very antithesis of Truth to embolden such a claim. Yet Truth is open to anyone who seeks in right earnest.

In accord with the Divine plan, messengers of God manifest to restate the same Law. It is unrealistic to say that God gave true revelation only at a particular point in history when Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus or Muhammad came. Millenniums have elapsed since Creation. Highly developed civilizations have been wiped out of existence. Continents have been shaped and reshaped due to upheavals. We may be accused of myopia if we say that true revelation started only with the Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, or other similar formal labels. Do we imply that Almighty had left Creation without a message until the birth of these Divine Incarnations? None of these incarnations has ever said so.

The Son of Man, Kalki Avatar, Parama Sadguru Gajanan Maharaj, is the current link in the chain of Divine incarnations (Avatars). Conditions today present a totally different picture from anything in known history. Time and space have been abridged due to technology. Speed has become the essence of everything irrespective of the message it carries. Technology has given man weapons to blow human existence to smithereens. Fear seeps through all international communication. The sense of insecurity is rampant. Everybody feels there is nothing to fall back on. Pollution is taking a dastardly toll of human existence. All thinking is oscillating between Scylla and Charybdis. Everyone is lonely, though moving in a surging crowd. The void has to be filled with vibrations of LOVE. Science has brought humanity together. We sink or swim together. National frontiers have lesser significance. Now we need plain speaking. The message has to come as a package deal and not in parts. People are to be aided in getting out of the rut in which they have landed themselves due to wrong orientation.