Atiratra Somayag 2015 Invitation

Dear Friends of Somayag,
Somayag Committee welcomes all those interested in participating in the Feb. 2015 Somayag scheduled from Feb. 3 to Feb. 8, and requests those who wish to attend to register as soon as possible.

Karin and Anne are now involved in selecting the best hotel accommodation available in Maheshwar for booking confirmations.

This year we would like you to bring with you any photographs of Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Shree Vasant Paranjpe, any written material, cassettes, tapes, videos relating to the Work of Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Shree Vasant which you may have kept. A comprehensive collection of these photographs and all material relating to the important message and teachings will be collated and put into a permanent form for posterity. Your co-operation in this endeavour is vital and much appreciated by the Fivefold Path Mission.

If you also know anyone else who may have information, written notes, photographs etc they would like to share, please share this message with them and send a copy of any relevant material if possible to us.

Also this year, we have decided to present a pictorial display of up to date current material you have relating to Homa Work in your country with the view to create a permanent display representing the scope of the Homa Work worldwide. We request approx 10 pictures. We feel this will provide an inspiring pictorial record for both national and international visitors to our Goshala.

We are now starting the preparations for the Somayag so we can complete the work comfortably in the time frame available. For that donations are very much appreciated. This year we do not plan new constructions, just some small improvements but as always maintenance work is there. We hope that we can complete this Somayag within a budget of approximately US$30.000. Nearly half of that amount is the cost of the Yajnya itself, the other big expenses are for maintenance, food, and running costs during that period (like for transportation, electricity, printing etc.)

The photos below show the huge improvements we did for the Vajapeya Somayag. It really has become a wonderful place.

We wish to also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the people who have made possible the materialization (through donations and participation) of the series of Somayags which Shree Vasant had envisaged for the Healing of whole planet and beyond in these very difficult times.

With gratitude and thanks for your ongoing support,
The Somayag Committee

A little pond next to the new kitchen building

Somayag Shala with the new wonderfully artistic walls

Nature has made the new sitting areas part of it